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Restaurant, Pizzeria and Bar

Food, I still fall for you every day! Le Fera Restaurant.

We get it – often the best memories are made around a table.

So at Le Fera Restaurant we make sure that you create those memories around one of our tables. How? Through – exceptional service, delicious food and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

While you give your family and friends the most thoughtful gift you can – your time, we will give you ours – yummy food served with cheerful smiles.

DOWNLOAD our menu to give your mind a taste of delicious things to come.

Le Fera Restaurant at Crystal Springs lends itself to any weather.

During cooler days cosy yourself up next to a crackling fireplace indulging in hearty dishes, hot drinks or beverages that “warm” you and make memories that will last long after the holiday is over.

For the warmer days – try our deck with its magnificent view of the South African countryside or have a pizza and a cooler at one of our poolside tables.

So whether the mist lays thick over the valleys or the sun is high and the air is warm – you can expect to have a great time with us.

There are plenty of foods that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart like ours.