RESORT NOTICE - 20.03.2020

As we all come to terms with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we want you to know that we are fully aware of the impact it has on travelling and on your decision to holiday. During this time please rest assured that we are still committed to providing holidays however your health and safety is our number one priority.

Even though the industry has always maintained a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, managing agents and resorts have now even further enhanced procedures in order to improve and safeguard guests and employees so that you can continue enjoying your holidays.

While these certainly are trying times, we assure you that the affiliated industry resorts have been implementing procedures and contingency plans since the news broke. From communications and memo’s circulated, industry partners are imposing similar procedures. That being said, one is still advised to stay abreast with resort info, websites and the social alerts that each resort destination may impose.

Below are some of the immediate steps that have already been introduced:

  • Resort employees have all been drilled to ensure that they are aware of the severity of the virus, its symptoms, the hygiene steps needed to restrict transmission and its impact on our economy and tourism as a whole.
  • Resorts, to the best of their abilities have increased the frequency in which they clean high traffic areas.
  • Emergency numbers and plans have been circulated to all resort employees and management will be notified of any emergency.
  • Resort communications and protocols are in place in the event of a suspected case.
  • With the recent travel bans around the world, all inbound travel from infected countries has been cancelled.
  • Employee leave policies have been amended to ensure employees are given time off should it be deemed necessary.
  • Resort employees have been advised of social distance and the need to adhere to protocols and we trust that this will still enable full service delivery as well as an increased focus on cleanliness.
In regards to your travel plans, should you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us, we are here to help you.

Due to the positive fact that the majority of resorts are self-catering, the social distance advantage of being in a chalet and the ability to cook in a personal environment may make things a little brighter.

On Sunday 15th March 2020 our President acted early and decisively and we hope that this early interaction can prevent it from spreading further. It is important that we all do our best in ensuring that interaction is hygienic and we know that you will do your best to ensure this as well, when visiting a resort, for the benefit of all guests.