Father’s Day

Father's Day 2018

Father’s Day provides us with an opportune moment, once a year, to really think of a great tribute to dad. A meaningful, thoughtful something or other to show him just how much he means in our lives.

Forget Superman or the Incredible Hulk – Fathers are the real heroes. They are the ones who pick us up and dust off our knees after teaching us to ride our first bike, or laugh with us when we play a prank on a sibling. They are placed in our lives to guide us, teach us valuable life lessons and make the hurt or frustrations of life easier on us. Fathers are mom’s partner-in-crime, the authority in the household and a lifelong friend.

Father and daughter in a field

A father is not only biological; a father can be an adoptive parent, an extended family member, a mentor, coach or a friend’s parent. In whichever shape and form they come to us; they are special and hold a large part of our hearts in their gentle hands.

This Father’s Day we want you to rethink that simple, store bought “Happy Father’s Day” card, and instead replace it with something a little more special; something with a little more thought in it.

This process can be a little tricky, how could you possibly know what to buy dad when he was the one to pay for your first-grade school shoes and still throws a little financial help your way when an unexpected cost arises three days before payday? Follow our simple steps and you’ll end up with a bomb gift for the “grooviest” man in your life!

Girl giving father a handmade card

1. Pay attention whenever he’s speaking, even if it isn’t interesting at all. You’ll quickly pick up on the chatter which might just lead you to a gold mine. Perhaps he mentions how he lost his fire lighter and he’s now using a cheap, unreliable one – present sorted! Or how about that time he shared a story of when his braai glove tore and he burnt himself on the coals? A new pair of leather gloves coming right up! These kinds of gifts are meaningful because he never told you directly that he wanted that item. It shows that you take care to listen to his stories and everyday rants.


2. Tickle his funny bone and try finding something that will bring on a bout of tear-induced laughter. This is always great fun! It could be a memory you both share or something that caused the family to end up in a fit of giggles over a get-together. Remember that time he explained Greece in a round of 30 Seconds as “really old people” instead of saying ancient times? Why not get this engraved, stitched or printed onto paraphernalia for him?


3. Try your hand at arts and crafts and make him something; especially if he’s the kind of dad that races out and buys himself the thing he wants instead of letting you give it to him as a present. Grab a jar and fill it with something along with a hand-made “punny” card. These are a few of our favourites:

A jar of Smarties with a note saying; Watalotigot with you, dad!

Six ice-cold favourites and a card reading; you’re pretty cool dad!

Funky rolled up socks with a lid shouting; you rock our socks!


So go all out this year and find something special that really says:

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day