Hearty Potjiekos to warm you up this winter 


For some reason having a hearty stew or potjie on a cold day makes it taste so much better!  The smell of all the delicious ingredients blending together sets the stage for the perfect family meal.  






·         Olive oil

·         2 – 3 sliced Ox tails

·         250 g diced bacon

·         2 large chopped onions

·         3 – 4 large diced carrots

·         1 clove chopped garlic

·         1 can peeled tomatoes

·         Salt

·         Black pepper

·         Thyme

·         4 bay leaves

·         1 kg baby potatoes

·         300 ml good red wine

·         250 ml cream

Serves 6


Step one:  Season oxtail with salt and black pepper. Heat up a number 3 potjie and coat with olive oil.  Add oxtail and bacon and cook until brown. Remove for the pot and set aside.
Step 2:  Add onions, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, bay leaves and wine to the potjie and bring to boil. Re-add oxtail and bacon and season with salt, black pepper and thyme. Cook for 3 hours.
Step 3:  Add baby potatoes and cook for 15 minutes.
Step 4:   Add cream and cook for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let it rest for 15 minutes.
Serve with rice, vegetables and a bottle of your favourite red wine.