7 Tips to beat dry skin this winter

With all the fabulous things winter offers, dry skin is not one of them.  Have a look at our expert tips on how to beat dry skin this winter.

1.Use a humidifier – When it’s cold and unpleasant outside we head indoors and turn up the heating systems in our homes and close all the windows and doors, warm and snug evenings under the blankets are the best. But did you know using heaters and heating systems in our homes dries out the air and leads to dry skin?  The answer – invest in a humidifier, the humidifier compensates for the moisture loss and adds it right back in your home.

2.Avoid over-washing with hot water – We all love taking a hot shower or bath in winter and dressing warmly in our winter pyjamas, but over-washing with hot water will strip the natural oils from your skin and leave it feeling dry. Top tip; wash with sensitive creamed-based soap and add bath oil to your bath.

3.Apply moisturiser – Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise; this is the key to having healthy and hydrated skin this winter. Apply moisturiser immediately after taking a shower or a bath; this will help seal in the moisture.  Also consider using an oil based moisturiser in winter.

4.Exfoliate your dry skin – To get rid of flaking dry skin cells, exfoliate once a week.

5.Beat winter hands – Ever wondered why your hands are one of the first signs of winter skin? Well it’s because your hands’ skin is thinner than most other parts of your body and has fewer oil glands.  Remember to moisturise regularly and wear gloves when going outside.

6.Beat winter feet – Well, this is not a surprise! Our feet can get dry and sensitive during the winter months.  Apply a moisturiser that contains petroleum jelly or glycerine; also remember to exfoliate to get rid of those dead skin cells.

7.Avoid harsh and alcohol based products on your face – If you have dry facial skin during winter avoid using harsh peels and face packs; also stay clear of alcohol based astringents or toners. Rather use a cleansing milk or mild foaming cleanser and an alcohol free toner. Do not use clay based masks, as they they strip the moisture; instead, use hydrating masks.

With these expert tips from our Senior Spa Therapist, you are sure to stay and look beautifully hydrated this winter.

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Happy moisturising!