10 Tips To Keep Looking Fab All Summer

Looking Fab All Summer

Here are some great tips from our Spa Therapist to keeping you in tip top shape this summer!


DRINK A LARGE BOTTLE OF WATER AFTER BRUSHING YOUR TEETH – this will activate your digestive system for the day, and it also helps rehydrate your body.

USE RAW HONEY AS A FACE MASK – honey has anti-bacterial properties and helps with acne-prone skin. Apply to your face, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

BAKING SODA TEETH WHITENING MIXTURE – don’t want to spend too much on expensive teeth whitening kits? Try mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with three drops of hydrogen peroxide; then use it as a toothpaste for a healthy set of pearly whites.

SHAVE YOUR LEGS WITH HAIR CONDITIONER – forget spending money on a separate shaving foam; simply use hair conditioner. It’s super moisturising and makes the hairs softer and therefore easier to shave.

SHAVE YOUR LEGS LAST – if your legs tend to get irritated and bumpy when shaving, shave them at the end of your shower; the warm water will have opened the pores and softened the hair.

NEVER EVER GO WITHOUT A POT OF VASELINE – Petroleum jelly has countless uses. One of the best things to do is slather it all over our feet, slip on a pair of fluffy socks and then sleep. It is also great to use for dry, chapped lips or for dry cuticles.

ORANGE TO EXFOLIATE – the acid and Vitamin C in oranges makes for an excellent exfoliator. If you don’t have time to be concocting fancy homemade potions and lotions, simply cut an orange in half and use on your knees and elbows.

KEEP YOUR BEAUTY PRODUCTS REFRIGERATED – obviously not all of them, but your nail varnish, lip- and eyeliner can be kept in the cooling section. This will make your nail varnish last longer and your pencils will be firmer to draw sharper lines.

WANT PLUMP LIPS? Just add a drop of peppermint oil to your lip gloss (this might cause a tingle but great for the perfect pouter).

GLITTER-PATCH-UP – in summer most people struggle with getting manicures to last because of all the water, swimming and activities. If your manicure is starting to chip and look a little dull, just apply a glitter top coat, to cover up the damage. Look for polish with big pieces of glitter, as this allows for better coverage.

Keep an eye out for more beauty tips from our Senior Spa Therapist Sheré Maré.