5 Great Summer Tips From Our Senior Spa Therapist

Summer Tips

Sharé Maré has the scoop on getting your body summer ready. Check out these 5 steps to a new you…

  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – water is the key to a healthy skin.
  • EXFOLIATE THOROUGHLY – Say goodbye to dead winter skin and prep for your summer tan by using a great exfoliator. Try our TheraNakaTM African Body Scrub. Remember, you are never fully dressed without a tan!
  • STAY MOISTURISED – Whether you want to prolong your tan or just want to give winter skin a send-off, using a rich moisturiser will do you a world of good. Try our TheraNakaTM Argan Rich Body Cream.
  • REVIVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH SPF – Protecting your skin will make you look years younger, and since you can fake a tan, there’s no reason to risk skin cancer and age spots. Try our ThereVineTM Sun Defence SPF 30.
  • TREAT YOURSELF TO A PEDICURE – Let’s not talk about the state of our heels after a winter of wearing boots! Rejuvenate your feet with a good scrub and a coat of polish, and show-off those toes in some new sandals. Visit our Spa for a Paraffin Pedicure!

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