The Biome

Step off the beaten path, live and breathe nature

Let your senses come alive and your soul be revitalised.
With mystical forests, breathtaking views and the sounds of nature all around you,
the magic of Crystal Springs is yours to discover.


Crystal Springs is abundant with resident wildlife. Often buck and zebra are spotted grazing peacefully between the chalets and going about their day. Some guests have been lucky enough to spot a leopard leaping out from under their unit, to grab an unsuspecting warthog. However, this is a rare sighting and many other wonderful memories may await you.

At Crystal Springs, the animals are "our locals" and are as much a part of Crystal Springs as the astonishing landscapes and exquisite natural beauty that is home to them. Take the handy spoor guide and mammal list with you as you explore the vast natural beauty of this hidden gem.
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The Nature Experience

Imagine yourself driving up the winding steep mountain pass, car stuffed with luggage and the anticipation of nearing your long-awaited holiday destination. Suddenly, the world becomes a little greener and you enter through the gates.

You can smell the fresh mountain air and by this time you probably have goosebumps as the beauty of Crystal Springs is so overwhelming. This is it, the beginning of your adventure!

Why stop there? Go explore! There are four different Hiking and Walking Trails to choose from. These are arguably the best ways to soak in the nature around you. If hiking is not your cup of tea, units have been strategically placed throughout the Resort in such a way that you can enjoy the nature right from the comforts of your Chalet or Lodge.

High Altitude Location

When you are in high altitude (higher than 2000 metres) there is less oxygen and it tends to get colder. Altitude and the effects on health and athletic ability is a highly controversial topic and altitude training is often referred to by athletes as 'magic shoes', as it works for some but not for everyone.

Crystal Springs has an altitude of 1778 metres above sea level, offering high altitude benefits for endurance athletes and fun activities amidst beautiful surroundings for the whole family. Crystal Springs will literally leave you feeling well-rested, healthy and ready to take on the world.


The weather at Crystal Springs fluctuates greatly all-year round and so, it is our custom to provide guests with a couple of bundles of firewood and a pack of firelighters for those misty and tranquil Crystal Springs' evenings.

Wrap up your adventure-filled, pamper-rich, or idyllic and relaxing day… by cosying up in front of the fireplace or gathering around the braai.